Identifying Problems & Solutions: Water Analysis for Ottawa Valley

Do you depend on a well for the water at your home or business? B. Baird Water Conditioning is ready to help with your first step to cleaner water.

In order to provide the right water treatment equipment to solve your particular water problems, we offer free water analysis in the Ottawa Valley and surrounding area.

Bacteria in Well Water
Municipalities treat their water and periodically test for contaminants to ensure the safety of the water supply. However, if you have a well, you need to have it tested yourself.

If you have a concern about bacteria in your well water, we have the ultraviolet light water purifiers to solve your problem. UV light kills bacteria by penetrating their cells and damaging its DNA, all without affecting the taste of your water.

Does Your Water Smell Like Rotten Eggs?
You know when you have sulfur gas in your water. There's no mistaking that rotten egg smell when you turn on the tap or take a drink. Call us for a free water analysis to measure how severe your water's sulfur problem is and provide the right water purification solution.

Wipe Out the Iron Stains
Do you have iron stains on in your tub, on your clothes when they come out of the washer? You have iron in your water and iron buildup in your pipes. If you have iron stains, B. Baird Water Conditioning has solutions to fit every budget and scope of iron contamination. Give us a call to discuss your water treatment options, from chemical filtration or mixed media bed softeners to chemical-free aeration.