Water Treatment for Residential & Commercial Ottawa Valley

Have a superior EcoWater® system installed in your home or business that not only helps save you money but works to protect the planet as well. With every product and service, B. Baird Water Treatment strives to be responsible for our carbon footprint. We are your dealer in the Ottawa Valley and surrounding area for EcoWater Systems®, a North American manufacturing company and the first in the water treatment industry to earn a Zerofootprint Carbon Neutral® designation.

Since 1978, B. Baird Water Treatment has been supplying and servicing the water treatment equipment you need, including:
  • EcoWater Systems® water softeners, refiners & filters
  • Water filtration systems & filters
  • Reverse osmosis units
  • Water purifiers
  • Ultraviolet light
Water Softeners & Conditioners
We specialize in water softeners and water conditioners to combat the hard water problems home and business owners face in the Ottawa Valley. If you think or know you have hard water, give us a call for help in installing the right system for your needs.

Convenient & Effective EcoWater® Reverse Osmosis Units
You can stop hauling heavy jugs and cases of bottled water. B. Baird Water Conditioning services and installs EcoWater® reverse osmosis systems, which strip various contaminants from your hard water through a membrane. Reverse osmosis (RO) filters out the total dissolved solids (TDS) found in soft water in your home. Plus, RO can extract up to 99% of dissolved salts and minerals.

If you want less labour, expense and environmental impact while enjoying clean, filtered water in your home, call us for a free in-home water analysis and demonstration of an RO system to find the right solution for your drinking water needs.